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Simple Solutions to Complex Problems


Paleon Solutions helps utilities use technology to solve complex business problems, but we do it in a way that is simple for the user and smart for the utility. With over 15 years of experience in putting enterprise systems in place in utility organizations, we understand the need for common sense solutions that are quick to implement, simple to integrate, and easy to turn on and off. Our solutions zero in on critical problems that can be practically solved with minimal overhead.  Our AMI Office product suite is centered on helping our customers get full value from their investments in advanced metering infrastructure. While AMI has the potential to deliver enormous returns, achieving those returns comes down to getting the base system right and effectively managing day-to-day performance.

  • Paleon AMI SIM is a breakthrough product that will forever change how AMI acceptance testing is done. No longer are utilities forced to do acceptance testing in the field with live meters. AMI SIM generates the all data required to fully test your AMI integrations – at scale before any meters are deployed. For the first time, system performance can be validated before going live.
  • Paleon AMI OPS gives you complete visibility into your AMI operations. It includes a full set of tools for managing daily AMI operations and ensuring service levels are consistently met. An elevated view of your operations makes it easy to predict asset performance and keep your finger on the pulse of the entire system at once.
  • Paleon AMI INTEL unlocks the value of the volumes of data generated by your AMI. A powerful Microsoft-based data warehouses holds your AMI data for easy access via Microsoft Excel. You can populate your own models and perform data mining on billions of rows of data without the complexity and overhead of traditional big data solutions.

O service offerings are centered on helping utilities manage large scale technology projects to success. Whether we are working on short-term assignments or large projects with multiple system integrations, helping utilities advance and improve with technology is at the heart of everything we do.